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Reviving UPVC Cladding: Professional Painting Solutions

uPVC cladding is a popular choice of material for the exterior of homes and can be painted to help boost the overall appearance of a property. With advances in paint technology it is now possible to successfully repaint UPVC with a finish that will last for years, resist cracking and peeling and maintain that ‘just painted’ look. With a specialist weather and mould-resistant formula, this UPVC paint is designed to give a smooth, protective and contemporary makeover to a variety of UPVC externals including windows, doors, composite doors, gutters and drainpipes, and fascias.

Once cladding has been painted with this product, it will be protected against UV degradation, water damage and general wear and tear for up to 10 years – making it a long-term solution that can add an attractive finishing touch to your home. It’s easy to use too, simply apply two coats of this UPVC paint and your cladding will be protected from the elements, while also looking fresh and contemporary.

This UPVC paint is suitable for application by brush, roller or spray and dries to a clean and stain-blocking finish in as little as 30 minutes, with recoatability after an hour. It is self-priming and can be used on new or existing UPVC, although it’s best to remove any rusty areas and clean all surfaces with a degreaser before painting. This can be a simple bucket of warm water or sugar soap, however, it’s important that the surface is thoroughly cleaned to ensure no dirt or debris will react with the paint and cause it to crack or peel.

The wooden cladding painting product comes in a wide range of shades, from classic neutrals like white to more modern shades of anthracite grey or black. It’s also easy to use to create a bespoke shade, with a tintable version available for those who want to match cladding to their exact window and door frame colour.

Using a high-quality UPVC spray paint is an efficient way to ensure a flawless and even finish on the hard-to-reach areas of your facias. This can be diluted with water by up to 20% as required and will still provide a full coverage without unseemly brush marks. If your cladding has been pre-primed, it is advised to apply a further two coats of the paint in order to achieve the perfect results.

Having tired UPVC windows and doors plastered with a previous owner’s colour scheme can really let a property down. Luckily, replacing them is expensive and disruptive, but it’s simple to refresh these exterior features with this quick and affordable uPVC paint and give your home a brand new look. Alternatively, this UPVC paint can be used to revamp commercial properties and encourage tenants to stay longer – research suggests that nicer-looking plastic doors and windows may help landlords convince renters to sign longer leases.