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How to Be a Tax Attorney

There are few career fields more complex than tax law, which requires expertise in a wide range of areas. A tax attorney helps individuals and businesses understand and comply with the myriad federal, state, and local laws governing taxes. They also may represent clients in tax disputes. This is an extremely in-demand area of law and one that offers a variety of options for career advancement.

The most common type of tax lawyer is in private practice, but the field also includes employment by large law firms or corporations in any industry. There are many types of clients, including small business owners, multinational corporations, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations. Tax attorneys work with the IRS, state and local tax authorities, and tax courts on behalf of their clients.

Individuals who need the assistance of a tax attorney might have questions about their estate plan or need help determining how to best claim certain assets. They might be buying a new home or starting a business and need advice on the tax-smart way to structure it, or they might be involved in a dispute with the IRS. Regardless of the issue, a good tax lawyer will explain the laws in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

If you have a passion for policy and enjoy the challenge of staying up-to-date on Los Angeles Tax Lawyer, this could be the right profession for you. It is important to start preparing for this career in high school, taking rigorous classes and earning top grades. Honors and Advanced Placement courses are helpful, and doing well on tests like the SAT and ACT can boost your chance of getting into college and/or law school.

In addition to the standard four years of undergraduate school, you will need to attend law school for a minimum of three years to earn your Juris Doctor degree, or J.D. You will also need to pass a state bar exam to be licensed to practice law. Many tax lawyers continue their education by earning a Master of Laws, or LLM, in Taxation.

As a tax lawyer, you will need to have excellent research and writing skills. You will be required to interpret both recently enacted legislation and long-standing law and apply it to the specific circumstances of your case. You will need to prepare for court cases and negotiate with clients, insurance companies, or other lawyers representing the client’s other side of the dispute.

As a tax lawyer, you will need strong interpersonal communication skills to build trust with your clients. Your clients will come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and you should be able to empathize with them and find the best way to resolve their issues. If you’re looking for a tax lawyer, be sure to interview several candidates and check their references. Be wary of any attorney who tries to sell you their services right away or asks for all money upfront. Generally, you will want to hire an experienced tax attorney who is familiar with the type of case you have.

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